Being a part of rapidly growing Fintech and payment industry, we dedicate a lot of attention to development of new and innovative software solutions.
Some of our solutions that can be completely tailored to our client’s needs include:

Core banking system

  • Core operating system
  • User administration
  • Helpdesk
  • Card module
  • Update Maker
  • General ledger and current account
  • Net and mobile banking
  • AML and Fraud management 

Web and mobile applications

  • See account balance and manage account
  • Deposit and withdraw funds
  • Order, activate and lock cards,
  • see card PIN
  • Account Statement
  • User Profile 

Card processing & payment gateway


Back office solutions

  • Persons authorized to work in the system
  • Defining password security policy
  • Adding users to the platform or removing users from the platform
  • Possibility of determining the special rights of the individual users
  • Creating groups of users in the platform
  • Multiple protection of data
  • Define access restrictions on related clients and/or workplace
  • Statistical overview of the system’s use
  • Creating of special reports for internal use or reporting to the regulator  
All of our solutions come with risk & fraud management tools which are rule-based like keeping track of inconsistent data, monitoring of users activity through IP addresses, name, cards, etc as well as up to date black/white lists and geo-based filters enabling our client’s secure and safe payment system.