Additionally, to our e-wallet product which enables customers to do various types of wire transfers – SEPA, SWIFT and Faster Payments with minimum costs as well as enabling users within wallet to send each other funds for free, there additional payment solutions which we can provide to clients.

There are two main criteria when it comes to money transfers and sending money abroad. First criterium is cost and second one is FX exchange rates.

Let’s start from the second one. We aim to provide all our clients with real-time exchange fees. Also, we support all major currencies, so clients can benefit from real-time and competitive exchange fees globally.

Unlike many other providers and banks, we do not charge any mark-up fee to our exchange rates, in that way we go with a principle what you see is what you get. In addition to that without nasty mark-up fees costs of money transfers go significantly down.

Safety is one the key aspects of money transfers. Customers always want to know there their money is and when it will be arriving to the beneficiary. Furthermore, all our client’s funds are safely kept in various banks in separate accounts from the business operational accounts of Digital Capital in that way being completely safe in accordance with rules of Financial Conduct Authority under Electronic Money Regulations 2011.
As all our solutions, this one is also intended as a white-label one. For those clients with business plan involving money transfers we can provide software solutions, regulatory framework and relation with any third-party providers needed for this process. Start sending money quickly, safely and without hidden fees.