Our card programs can be divided into two major groups:
  • Prepaid cards
  • Debit cards

Each of this card is available for:
  • Individual consumers
  • Business
All our programs are contactless programs and can be both reloadable and so-called disposable. There is no potential for debt in any of these programs as these are no credit programs, your balance is depended on the amount you loaded, and all client’s funds are safeguarded in so called client’s funds accounts. All offered products are MasterCard cards.
Within above mentioned groups we can identify several different products.

General Spend Cards

This is the simples of all programs and is intended for everyday purchases of consumers. It allows full transparency over the finance that can be managed within the app. Users are notified about all their transactions, they are able to change their limits, or even share their balance with family members.

Travel Cards

Travel cards are usually cost-effective products that enable users to transfer domestic currency onto their card and use it anywhere in the world without need to change currency. Travel cards are very popular among travellers who like to benefit from competitive exchange rates and also monitor in real time how much they are spending.

Gift Cards

Gift & Loyalty cards are something that you cannot avoid in today, when even small shops have some type of loyalty programs. These cards are perfect for clients who wish to offer to their customers benefits every time when they spend in their stores, webshops, by adding points that can exchanged for money or offering free purchases.

Business Cards

Business cards are intended for corporates who would like to use this type of cards to manage their corporate expenses, run a payroll programs and use them for general purchasing. These cards provide great insight and analysis of all your corporate spending.

Virtual Cards

For all those who are not fans of plastics our virtual cards are here to meet their needs. Cards are instantly issued with the app and users are ready for their online purchase. This is a great solution for those who never leave their phones out of hands.


Choose your card program and find out how we can help you achieve your goals.