E-commerce is starting to have a central point in today’s payments world. We have recognized this and have decided to expand offer for our clients to different aspects of acquiring services.

If you are in a need whole solution we can provide you with an innovative payment gateway that would enable you to accept payments globally, have settlement in more than one currency and your customers would benefit by having on a display choice of various payment methods.

Efficient fraud and chargeback management is in our focus, with our payment gateway containing a variety of fraud tools.
All our clients will also be able to have access to:

  • Real – time transaction reports
  • Track sales by currency, product, payment type, etc.
  • Customer information for sales that didn’t successfully close
  • Billing statements to monitor transactions
  • Chargeback reason
  • Fraud analysis and transaction analysis reports 

Furthermore, all our merchants would benefit from easy integration process thus being ready to start their business immediately. Through one simple integrations our merchants will have access to a range of card and alternative payment methods and moreover we are more than opened to adding new payment methods.
Whether you are a merchant or a someone looking for a white-label solutions for merchants contact us a learn how we can meet your needs.