In addition to our payment solutions card solutions seems as a natural next step or better to say something that come along with our payment solutions. There are a lot of card solutions available on the market today so what makes our solutions special?

First of all, we are not focused on end-users, all of our card solutions are completely tailored to our client’s needs in a form best suited to their business needs. This is especially smooth solution for clients who already have a large user base and would like to offer additional service to their customers.

These clients can choose which solution is best for their needs, either:
  • White label
  • Co-branding
  • Full branding

To find out more about differences visit: White-label & co-branding.

Secondly, we can offer both prepaid and debit products for both consumers and business customers. So, if you have a large user base of both individuals and SMEs this is a perfect solution for you. All cards can be connected to the e-wallet and are multi-currency products.

Finally, all cards can be loaded through several different methods – from card payments, alternative methods to simple wire transfers.

All card users will have ability with the app to:

  • see their card PIN
  • deactivate card
  • report card as lost or stolen
  • manage their limits
App will of course be branded completely to client’s wishes.
In additions to that, for those interested in this kind of products, virtual cards can be made available with the app. These are handy solutions for those who do not prefer carrying a lot of plastic but enjoy having card-products designed for online purchases. All details of virtual cards (PAN, expire date and CVC) would be available to users within the app.

For those managing programs there are plenty of tools within our back-office solutions including:
Creation of cards, control of limits and fees
  • Different layers of security (3D Secure, Dynamic CVV)
  • Control of chargebacks
  • Updates on card status and adjustment of card balance
We are always here to help you configure and control you card program.