Our Solutions

All our solutions can be classified into four major groups:

Payment solutions

Payment solutions include variety of services ranging from e-wallet services, making international payment, doing FX exchange and money remittance to integration with various other service providers such as crypto
wallets and exchanges, insurance and credit providers.

Card solutions

Card solutions enable clients through white-label, branding or co-branding options to offer their individual and business customers different programs like general spend, travel, gift or corporate spend all in a form of physical and/or virtual prepaid and debit cards.

Acquiring solutions

Our acquiring solutions are made for client’s who would like to accept online payments either through cards or any of the available alternative payment methods and all this through integrations with our innovative payment gateway offering all necessary management tools.

Software solutions

Software solutions cover whole suite of solutions needful for easy, simple and successful payment processing and include core banking system, card processing and payment gateway as well as completely branded mobile and web applications.

In order to find out more about each solution feel free to contact us anytime.